Uninstall Pinterest.aot.im redirect infection from PC

After a long time when I went to my brothers house, and found that my nephews were using their new Windows PC which they bought just a week before. I got a chance to visit them after 2 days and found that the kids were very sad because their PC wasn’t running in a proper way. I asked for the problem and this is what they described, Whenever they start their Windows they found an error message popping out which says some Windows operating system file is missing. This was not the only issue, actually when any kind of document file is loaded or whenever any videos or application run the PC stops to respond. I asked that if they had any anti-spyware software installed on their computer and they replied a big “No”.

Actually the reasons behind all of this was a common but severe issue known as virus infection I scanned the computer with very powerful anti-virus tool and found that a latest harmful threat was sniffing around their computer system. The infection was Pinterest.aot.im redirect, which is one of the harmful threat ever for any Windows PC. There are several ways by which Pinterest.aot.im redirect can get a free entry within any Windows computer system. The reasons of it could be an unsafe internet use, as well as it could be also get entry if you install any untrusted application.

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